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Yahoo has revealed that it is intending to sell off Delicious and will look for potential buyers in the near future. There is no intended date for its sell off. It took about 48 hours for my Delicious bookmarks to import into Diigo. I have since linked my Tweets and favourite Tweets to both Diigo and Delicious as backup.

Below was my original post.

I woke this morning to read via my Twitter feed the awful decision of Yahoo’s to close down Delicious – my preferred social bookmarking site. I must admit that I hoped it was a rumour, but within a minute of two of Tweeting whether it was a rumour – it was confirmed from my PLN and TechCrunch. This is really disappointing news. Shame, shame, shame on you, Yahoo!

For many people, including educators, Delicious’ demise is sad. It was a great place to bookmark my favourite sites and archive links for future reference for students and teachers. What I really liked about Delicious was the way I could easily search for links on particular topics to see what other users had bookmarked. It was really easy to use. I even managed to convince my fellow library colleague Michael Jongen, aka emjay, to start using Delicious after a near meltdown (exaggerated slightly!) when I suggested we should start bookmarking items for our school’s curriculum.

So I’ve taken the plunge and set up my Jasmont 1 Diigo account. I am now just waiting for my bookmarks to export from Delicious. I’ve got hundreds of bookmarks stored away for future reference for students and teachers for my work as a teacher librarian, let alone my Delicious Network. Delicious is simple and easy to use and learn. I LOVE its ability to tag and find resources quickly. It’s been six hours so far at least!  Reports are suggesting that Yahoo is cutting back is workforce and streamlining its core businesses.  Shame on you Yahoo. You’ve lost me and I hope that Flickr doesn’t suffer the same fate as Delicious.

I’ve just read a post by Wesley Fryer on his Moving at the Speed of Creativity blog where he cross posts his bookmarks with a second social bookmarking platform. What a great idea! I think I might have to think about a backup bookmarking site in case something happens to Diigo.

So if you are an accustomed Diigo user I would love to hear from you so we can join together and network.

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2 thoughts on “Delicious Suddenly Gone Sour

  1. I switched from Delicious to Diigo bout 18 months ago and used Delicious as a backup. I like Diigo because I can set up groups for different classes (teacher console) and also join different groups with similar interests and get updates via email. I also like using Webslides with Diigo on occasion…

    I think you’ll like Diigo when you get used to it. The toolbar is wonderful, too. For students that don’t want to install the toolbar, the Diigolet works just as well.

    Guess I’ll have to find a new backup!

    Wonder how many other good tools will go away? We’ve already lost some great ones!

  2. Hi Donna,
    thanks for your comment. I admit I really like the simplicity of Delicious. You’re right once I get used to Diigo I’ll be fine. Just working through it this afternoon to make some sense of it.

    I’ve now set up Packratius to send my tweets and favourite tweets to BOTH Diigo and Delicious.

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