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Tools for the 21st Century Teacher

As I reading through my RSS feeds, I came across this short post by Joyce Valenza from Neverending Search about a social media resource for teachers. As the new school year begins in the next two weeks in Australia I’m sure many teachers will appreciate this great e-book Tools for the 21st Century Teacher by American educator Michael Zimmer.

The 17-page ebook is packed full of ideas and information for teachers about how to integrate about 20 tools in the classroom – with suggestions for implementation, use and ways to use the tools with students. Zimmer hopes the guide will help equip teachers with knowledge of a variety of tools to be 21st Century teachers.  The tools covered include: Twitter, Prezi, a variety of blogging platforms, Google Reader, Diigo, Glogster, Evernote, Dropbox, Quizlet, Wallwisher, TitanPad, Skype, Wordle, Wordle, Google Sites, Weebly, Wix and Wikispaces.

I am looking forward to having a closer read of Zimmer’s work to help me guide teachers to implement and integrate web technologies into the curriculum at OLMC.  Thank you Michael for sharing your work.


One thought on “Web tools resource for teachers

  1. Wow Glenda, I am really impressed with this online book. It’s wonderful to have all this information in one place – and great that it is online and free to read. Your blog is great. I really like the title of your blog – The Groovy Librarian. I am also enjoying working my way through your blogroll. It’s great to find some new blogs worth reading. I hope you continue to enjoy the challenges being set by Anne.

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